Chest in front of me, chest behind me... 

That's exactly how the year of the chest has been. We must hope that the following year will let us to step out of the chest. That's exactly what the theme of the Video Game Magazine was, which was successfully completed in online form (version 1.01). The presentation of the periodical was devoted to several program blocks at the festivals PAF and GamerPie in December. We will now deal with the optimization of the printed format. Of course, we will continue to polish the result to the best possible shape. You can read the periodical online here (web of the Ateliér of Duchů) or through the domain (which also leads there): - only in Czech

Prototype of the printed version:

Video Game Periodical - The Chest  (L. PoláškováB. HeblíkV. Vaněk)

The project Rosettes and Rockets has significantly advanced and is entering the final stage of development. In this context, Natálie joined the show about board games (Art Café, Czech Radio Vltava) with Tereza Lišková. You can listen to the whole show in the archive here:

There are also games where no one wins. What story from board games do you want to enter?

Rosettes and Rockets, Natálie Sodomková and Aneta Fasorová, 2020

In November, our first article was published in the magazine SCORE, where we focus on the studying video games in Brno.

SCORE No. 320, 2020

At the end of November, we created a video commentary Chests of the universe wide open based on the UFO theme for festival FiK 2020 (Ustí nad Labem).


Chests of the universe wide open of the Atelier of Ghosts will take an excursion into the virtual issues of general and sophisticated parts of the video game universe. Through the project Video Game Periodical, the topic will be indirectly divided into chests. The resulting commentary thus draws attention to key milestones in the abstracting and identification of individual game segments or the games themselves. The parallel universe of Ghosts is the atelier of Game Media (FaVU BUT) in Brno, so the presence of student projects cannot be ruled out. One of the main goals of the excursion is to clarify the concept of UFO in the context of video game culture.

Dan, Dominik a David  completed a virtual ice rink in the spaces of FFA Gallery.  Thanks to the completion of the periodical, the warning against falling into the chest is still current, and the cabinet ... Will happen! You can walk through the project directly on our website, but beware! There is no support for mobile devices. 

Virtualized FFA Gallery, D. Jenikovský, D. Konečný, D. Holubec, 2020

Finally, recommendations of current galleries and articles from the period of the year of the chest:

Digital portraits and other studies , Zoya Volková

Black and white illustrations 2020, Lucie Polášková

Mariáš Smrti, Ivana Nováková

Enclosed, D. Jenikovský, D. Konečný, M. Mrkus

erLett II., D. Jenikovský

Summary article Image of the atelier reflects bachelor's, diploma and other projects that run in parallel across our production. 

Take care!