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Repeat is a sci-fi first-person platformer with parkour and puzzle elements. The mysterious head in your hands belongs to an unknown Dullahan and she has the ability to repeat space infinitely. Face to face you try to uncover the heads mystery, who she is and how she can escape the world around you. How? And when?

Hrdina VUT

Hrdina VUT

Design and realization of a digital game for the Hrdina BUT recruitment campaign for the year 2021. The resulting game represents the point & click adventure genre, pixel art was chosen as the visual style.



This game complements the book Obložené chlebíčky(Open faced sandwiches). In the game you make your own perfect open faced sandwiches.



Hlad is an edible board game. The players need to prepare the game pieces and then during the game they eat them all. What you eat is up to you. You can bake cookies, or just use any snacks.



Is a short atmospheric experimental 3D game. You control a piece of cloth flying in the wind. Everyting the cloth covers will disappear.

Galerie FaVU

Galerie FaVU

Kabinet truhel - projekt se soustředí primárně na kulturní fan service bez závislosti na fyzickém prostoru. Reflektuje současné dění v Ateliéru Duchů a výsledný formát přizpůsobí aktuální situaci k datu výstavy.

4th Tower

4th Tower

Martin Lacko is a specific author who can't stand comparison. The wide radius of the author's work can also illuminate the darkest corners of contemporary art and illustrations.



Designblok - Image


Together with the Faculty of Fine Arts (FaVU VUT), we brought to life a series of interactive cabinets.

Honba za jednorožcem - Image

Honba za jednorožcem

Honba za jednorožcem is a small digital game created for the South Moravian Innovation Center. Players team up and navigate through the intricacies of...

Repeat restart, not a headless decision! - Image

Repeat restart, not a headless decision!

We have been working on Repeat for almost two years now. It all started with a promising Ludum Dare prototype and then we restarted the entire develop...

Demo, release and Repeat - Image

Demo, release and Repeat

Play Repeat Demo on Steam In this article we will cover the ongoing development of our latest digital game Repeat and the release of a Repeat...

Restart, Repeat, Release - Image

Restart, Repeat, Release

Our collective Ateliér Duchů has participated in most Ludum Dare game jams in the past few years. In march 2021 part of our studio decided to rework a...

Sandwiches - Image


Sandwiches are a playful brochure in which you use stickers to create your own variations of your favorite delicacy. The project originally aimed only...

Videogame for BUT campaign 2021 - Image

Videogame for BUT campaign 2021

In the summer of 2020, we were approached by the BUT Rectorate with a question whether we are able to create a thematic digital game for But recr...

Hlad development - Image

Hlad development

Hlad is an edible board game. It is meant to be eaten. The game plan is a big printed tablecloth. The game pieces themselves is something you have...

Enclosed - Image


The autumn Ludum Dare (game-jam) with serial number 47 has closed. The result is a logical digital game, a puzzle set in 3D space with a traditional c...

Hadr : Dev diary - Image

Hadr : Dev diary

The last couple of weeks have been exhausting, but the results are here! A new gameplay trailer here: As for informat...

Dominik Konečný
25. 08. 2020
Hadr - Image


HADR je projekt, který se mnou žije už přes dva roky. Za tu dobu byl vtipným, roztomilým i pozitivním tech-demem, ve kterém se jen poletovalo s kusem...

Dominik Konečný
29. 04. 2020
Výstava I. - post mortem - Image

Výstava I. - post mortem

Dnes 17.2.2020 je výstava v Jihlavě u konce, největším překvapením (i pro nás) byla finální reprezetnace Bohdana Heblíka. Navzdory očekávanému audio-v...

Výstava I. - Jihlava, OGV / Alternativa - Image

Výstava I. - Jihlava, OGV / Alternativa

Výstava Ateliér Duchů představí stejnojmennou tvůrčí skupinu studentů a studentek ateliéru Herních médií FaVU VUT v Brně. Výběr z aktuální tvorby atel...

PAF 2019 - Image

PAF 2019

Svébytný kanál „Hranostajl“ zahájí skrze platformu Twitch procedurálně generovaný stream myšlenkových assetů Bohdana Heblíka, vývojářského inventáře V...